It’s time for each of us to be on purpose,

on point and take care of what moves us.

  • Enhance and maintain your energy so you can play full out,

  • Have your unique big impact in your world, and still…

  • Have energy left over for an inspiring home life.

I am motivated to realign everyone with their Power of Purpose. To understand your unique gifts and talents and where to apply them. This does not need to be some grand undertaking, though it may be, it just has to be truly and uniquely yours to do.

Life gets so much easier and more satisfying when you play to your strengths.

It’s common to feel overwhelmed these days, but it’s a game changer when you find

The Power of Purpose.

It’s totally energizing when you go after something you care about improving.

Once you are On Purpose life can still feel like an uphill battle, with not enough time or energy.  I help you express your gifts without energy drain and exhaustion.

Instead, shift and enhance your energy from both the outside and the inside.

Over the last 20 years I have been focused on raising and maintaining a higher vibration; aka having more energy.   I have developed shortcuts to help you raise your vibration, enhance and protect your energy, and work far smarter.

Feng Shui is the study of the subtle negative effects your surroundings can have on you. Once these invisible drains are identified and adjusted your spaces support you. When your environments support you your energy is enhanced and easier to maintain.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ is a set of protocols (energy shortcuts) to influence and positively affect your life and your goals. With CCT™ you can learn to:

  • Easily protect yourself daily from overwhelming electronic and human interactions.

  • Align your energy with all your groups for easier communication and cooperation.

  • Create a virtual cone of energetic silence for laser focus.

How can I enhance your energy?


Not sure of your unique gifts, or where you feel called to apply them?

Start with The Power of Purpose where you’ll get crystal clear on your unique contribution and the best use of your gifts.

You know your mission but don’t feel supported and nourished at home.

Your home can energize or drain you. I can see and adjust the invisible influences.

You know your mission but feel overloaded by daily life without enough energy to play full out?

I offer Enhance Your Energy with CCT where you can learn shortcuts to protect, align and focus your energy.