The Invisible Influence of Feng Shui

I believe the invisible influences our lives, and our homes.

Your house is clean, but what about the invisible mess left by the people before you.

You can’t clean the unseen, but I can help.

Your surroundings can support your goals or mysteriously work against you. 

#1. A home’s history can affect current residents.
What if previous people left behind an energetic imprint of emotional trauma or disturbance? All those emotions can invisibly affect and negatively influence you and your experience in that space.

#2. Certain designs in homes, from room layouts, to entryways and the shape of the land itself can negatively affect your experiences, even to the point of illness.

The degree they will affect you, and when, depends on your fundamental chi; your basic health and vitality. But it will affect you, why not get the advantage?

“What we can see with our eyes comprises less than 10% of the universe. The real power sustaining its architecture is the energy contained in the 90% of the unseen.” -Dr. William Tiller


I have studied these invisible influences through BTB Feng Shui for almost 20 years.


It is far deeper than the standard American understanding of Feng Shui as “moving your furniture around”.

Feng Shui can be a powerful tool, whether you: 

Just moved into a new space, 

Your home feels stale and depressing and you’re ready for change,

Or you’re building your own house.

Let’s talk. I can help.

 Near Portland OR?

I can come to your home to clear your space, and then make key recommendations to resolve any difficult aspects in your home’s design.

Beyond my local reach?

Never fear! I have many clients throughout the country. Smartphone pics and videos allow me to visit virtually, and make recommendations. We connect via Skype, and I can also see clients while traveling. 

Building Your Own Home?

Congratulations. Click below to see all the ways I can help the process go more smoothly and help ensure you love the final result.

“I was shocked and blown away by the effectiveness of Lorna’s feng shui services. She was able to see beyond my direct request for help and understand the deeper underlying imbalances in my home. This resulted in Feng Shui remedies that have had a much more profound impact than I could have imagined… I have seen dramatic changes in my sense of safety and tranquility in the home as well as in my health. I feel like the house supports me, supports my business and supports my health. It was money that was extremely well spent.”  D K S.

“I have just been feeling so crazy excited — I’ve had such a great feeling since you did the Feng Shui ceremonies in our home.  I am wondering if anyone else has had that kind of response to your work?“ A.G.