It’s time for each of us to be on purpose, on point and take care of what moves us. Auto-pilot just doesn’t work anymore, for us or our world.

I am moved to realign people who struggle to identify and know where to put their gifts and talents. This does not need to be some grand undertaking, though it may be, it just has to be truly and uniquely yours to do.

Life gets so much easier and more satisfying when you play to your strengths. It’s energizing when there is something you want to improve.

Granted, there are so many places we can each play our part, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I believe that if we each step up where called, we have the best chance to create the lasting positive and pervasive change we want in the world.

For many people this feels like an uphill battle, with not enough time or energy to manage the daily overwhelm, much less prioritize your part in solving the big issues. You can’t raise and maintain a high vibration when you’re exhausted.

Once we jump start you by rekindling your calling, I then help you discover how to express your gifts without the energy drain. In my 20 years of energy work I have developed shortcuts to help you raise your vibration, protect your energy, and work far smarter.

What keeps you from doing your part full out?


You aren’t sure what your unique gifts are, or where you feel called to apply them?

Start with Rekindle Your Calling where you’ll get crystal clear on your unique contribution and the best use of your gifts.

You know your mission but you are overloaded by daily life and don’t have enough energy to make your full contribution:

I offer Upgrade Your Energy with CCT where you can learn shortcuts to protect, align and focus your energy.