Rekindle Your Mad Skills!

The real change we want is more sustainable and effective if we each dedicate ourselves to proactive skilled action wherever we feel most called to make a contribution.

We all need to be on purpose, on point and take care of what moves us. I am moved to realign people having difficulty identifying and knowing where to put their considerable talents. This does not need to be some grand undertaking, though it may be, it just has to be truly and uniquely yours to do.

Life gets so much easier and satisfying when you play to your strengths, and leaves you more energy at the end of the day for friends, family and fun.
Your unique journey has shaped your values, characteristics and priorities. When you begin to move toward and with your calling, your life takes on greater satisfaction and ease.
I help you rekindle your alignment with:
Your Doing aka your mad skills…We often can’t see our gifts because they are so hard wired we think they’re standard issue; if it’s easy for me, it’s easy for everyone.
  • Your unique Gifts, Talents and Skills
Your Being-because without this piece it’s still just work, and there’s no time for that now.
  • Your character strengths core values- the virtues that motivate and move you.
These help you see the most personally gratifying focus for your talents.
If we all do what we are good at and address what matters most to us, we will have a much bigger collective impact. This is what’s most pressing for me, and I’m really good at it.
If you or someone you love is struggling for clarity, please email me at Lornalyons (at) gmail (dot) com.

“I felt so amped up from this. Lorna reaffirmed and validated things I knew, but was looking at in separate directions. Her enthusiasm and passion helped me get really clear.” R. O.

“Lorna’s insight, her attention to listening and really tuning in, has changed my perspective markedly and helped me figure out the root of what has been nagging at me professionally for more than 5 years now…I can’t say enough about the power of Lorna’s insight in moving me forward to how I can tap into my abilities.  I simply could not have made this progress without her – and at the same time, I can’t believe I couldn’t see what she did, because when she laid it out, it was so eminently clear.  Lorna is amazing, powerful, and insightful.” P. B.