Express Your Creative Purpose

Who it’s for:

  • Do you ever procrastinate or feel stuck, as a writer or artist in any aspect of your life?
  • Are you energetically sensitive or highly intuitive and often overwhelmed by the energy of others?
  • Do you want laser-focused attention? (I’ve used it to finish my taxes)



  •  Provides you with a simple protocol for laser focus of your own creative voice and purpose for a specific creative project.
  •  Energetic protection in crowds etc.
  •  Supports and aligns you to the Creative Expression of your Soul’s Purpose.
  •  If your sleep is disturbed by energies around you, can use it for sleep.



  •  Two day live webinar course 

 One Activation & 2 Energy Meditations

Level 1 is not a prerequisite to take this ECP Program.