I have a superpower. I can see the invisible.

Long ago I had a strange encounter with someone who told me I didn’t hold energy; that I was more of a colander than a vessel.  I didn’t know what she was talking about, and began to learn how different cultures understood energy. Eventually, while working in the administration of an Acupuncture School, I started learning Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. 

Then I had the insight that Feng Shui is Acupuncture for your home, and my live really began to change.  After a 3 yr. program in NYC, I spent 8 years traveling to Professor Lin Yun’s workshops until his passing.

After years of feeling stuck, Feng Shui helped me gather the momentum to build an effective and transformational toolbox for myself, and others. I always start from the outside in, because it’s easier. When I first adjusted my home, which is like my outer shell, I felt more relaxed and less defended. Then I could begin to harness my momentum and more easily change my own inner energy.  Feng Shui helped me, through the incredible variety of meditations and methods that I have learned from Professor Lin Yun to help balance and adjust my 5 Elements and overall energy. I am a far different person than I was 25 years ago. 

Over the years, I have learned other valuable energy tools, but I like to begin with Feng Shui. For 25 years I have been identifying and adjusting these invisible influences, making homes support and nourish my clients. Imagine your home feeling like it has your back, so you can rest and recharge, and have the extra energy to more easily become and bring your best.

Once I made all my Feng Shui progress, I discovered Crystalline Consciousness Technique. I think of it as a very modern tool that supports the ancient wisdom of my Feng Shui practice.  It’s been a real energy upgrade for me. It’s easy to learn, uses quick and easy daily protocols for protection and connection, as well as an energy envelope that helps me be more effective and productive no matter the task.

CCT (Crystalline Consciousness Technique) I consider these my Energy Upgrades! They are protocols that I use every day, and teach by webinar. They:

  •   Protect your energy from other people and our overwhelming world.
  •   Better align and feel coherence and connection within your groups.
  •   Create an energetic cone of silence so that you can more readily focus as needed.
  • A Transformative Self Healing process that allows old stuck patterns to lift up and out, to promote better health and vitality, so you can be more present.
  • And CCT prepares you energetically for whatever you consciously intend to speak or do. In short, you get bigger, faster results for your efforts by setting the energy first. 

Power of Purpose: I have a real gift for helping people identify, and then play to their strengths in their work lives. Once identified, we make sure you know how to apply your gifts in a field you care about which unleashes your own Power of Purpose. In our overloaded days, we are getting further away from creating any real meaning in our lives. I help people gain clarity about their strengths and values. Using a few inexpensive national tests, I can interpret the results in a way that helps people see their unique nature, and find a way to make an authentic and aligned contribution. I believe there is so much we can improve in our world, and we will collectively get a much bigger bang for our buck if more folks play to their strengths in meaningful work.

I have lived from the East Coast to Hawaii and now Portland, OR where I can work virtually, allowing me to be both affordable and effective. I love to teach and have spoken on Feng Shui at New England School of Acupuncture, Simmons College and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute among others. I consult, speak and teach webinars on it all.  My life is so much easier than it used to be. Yours can be too.

“Lorna is WONDERFUL. Illuminating, clarifying and amazingly helpful.” P. B.

“Lorna blew my mind; she is a gifted practitioner and energetic healer. The breadth of her techniques and the optimization of the people and spaces she touches spans a broad spectrum…. I cannot recommend her highly enough… Lorna customizes the tools applied based upon the goals you have.  The “load lightened” I’ve achieved because of Lorna’s contribution over this past year is truly remarkable…” L.S.

“Lorna’s work was very very confirming for me on several levels. It was enormously, amazingly confirming of the shadow path.”   B. M.