You have found a new home,

or you’re ready to change the stuck energy so it feels new!

What about the invisible influences? You can’t fix what’s unseen, but I can. Whether it’s:

  •  Energetic Residue –You can see and solve physical dirt, but there is dirty energy too. If previous people in your space left behind an energetic imprint of emotional trauma or disturbance, it can have a negative influence on you.
  • Our homes have energy leaks designed right into them that can have a negative influence that can work against your health, wealth, and relationships. Difficult influences can be hidden in room, door and stove placement, beams, hallways, and stairways to name a few.

I’ve been resolving negative invisible influences with Feng Shui for over 20 years. I can do a great deal working remotely, and also travel so I may be able to visit you. You can book the 30-minute free consultation below, and once we’ve decided to work together, this is the flow.

  •  I begin by having you send me a few documents:
    •  A simple drawing of your floor plan and your land plot.
    • A few pics of your foyer, kitchen and others as needed.

I look at your floor plan to identify and make a plan to correct any difficult design details that may have a negative impact.  These adjustments can protect from financial loss, psychological damage, or physical issues even to the point of illness.  I also make certain that all your furniture is well placed to ensure comfort and support.

  • I then email you my written suggestions, and we arrange to have a Skype call to go over them so you are clear on the recommendations and how to make the adjustments.
  • I then follow up via email and possibly another short Skype chat to ensure the cures were placed correctly. 
  • I can additionally teach you to perform Feng Shui Ceremonies. Each home is different, but I can determine whether you need to clear your space of negative energy.  Or Seal the Doors to set up an energetic protective field for you going forward.  Or whether it would be best to do a Land Blessing.

Your House Can Have Your Back!

Start a new chapter.   Let’s make it one where your home supports you.

“I was shocked and blown away by the effectiveness of Lorna’s Feng Shui services. She was able to see beyond my direct request for help, and understand the deeper underlying imbalances in my home. This resulted in Feng Shui remedies that have had a much more profound impact than I could have imagined… I have seen dramatic changes in my sense of safety and tranquility in the home as well as in my health. I feel like the house supports me, supports my business, and supports my health. It was money that was extremely well spent.”  

-Debbie Kay Smith – Feel Good Acupuncture