Building or Renovating Your Own Home?

You, with your Architect, General Contractor will create a beautiful full design or renovation plan.  However there are some designs aspects that may look great on paper, but can disappoint once actually built.

Feng Shui addresses the energetics of a space.  I can see the invisible influence of certain design details like the placement of rooms, halls, stairs, bathrooms, beams and doorways  that eons of study have identified as having specific negative impacts. These can usually be easily resolved without compromising your overall vision.

It’s my heartfelt recommendation that Feng Shui can be your great ally and support in this process on two different fronts…

  1.     This is such a big material undertaking, the complexity can obscure all the invisible energetic considerations I can identify and resolve on your behalf.
  2.     In addition, even under the best of circumstances, there will always be much expense, time, and stress in building or renovating your home.  Feng Shui can mitigate and smooth out a great deal of this. 


It is also beneficial to have me look at the Feng Shui of a Renovation in the early stages, to spot and correct unforeseen problems before you are committed. There are also specific recommendations and ceremonies to ensure that the job goes as smoothly as possible.

Renovations Ceremonies There is a specific ceremony to:

  • Contain any damage beyond the intended changes 
  • Contain job creep
  • Avoid cost overruns

Here are the elements of home design and build out that Feng Shui addresses:

It’s incredibly valuable to have me look at your absolute earliest floor plan. I can point out issues right away that will create difficulty for you and your family once your house is built. I can recommend simple adjustments and then review the plans again after they have been made. It’s often true that if you wait too long  your designer/contractor may discourage you from making further changes. Especially once they price the job.  It is so much easier to correct a piece of paper early on than the built environment.

In addition there are Ceremonies, Blessings and Recommendations that are designed to align and support the work so that your build can all go as smoothly as possible.

  • Land Ceremonies There are powerful Feng Shui considerations for how you cite your home on the land.  There are additionally beautiful ceremonies to bless the land before you begin to build. 

o   Clear any energetic disturbance on the land

o   Clear and bless the Foundation

o   Bless the land, the community and beyond

o   These can help protect you from cost overruns and job creep.

  • Razing the existing building to rebuild. There are special considerations and recommendations if you’re going to raze a teardown to start anew.

“I have survived many home renovations through my life.  Most were quite stressful.  Before remodeling my master bathroom, Lorna performed a Feng Shui ceremony.  This was the first project that was seamless, on budget and as stress-free as possible.  I owe Lorna a debt of gratitude.  I highly recommend her services before renovations or for a Feng Shui home tune-up.”

Sherri Curley,

“My renovation was at an impasse.  Facing 500SF of skim coating, I was energetically paralyzed.  After Lorna came and worked her Feng Shui magic, the following day the energy released.  I hired a professional – and it was DONE!!!  She freed up my energy in multiple directions.”

-Anne Hudson, The Sourceress

“We are building a home, which must fit the original narrow foundation, as part of the community covenants. After working with our architect, we showed our plans to Lorna. She tactfully gave us a detailed explanation of the health and wealth difficulties that could arise from this plan and wrote up recommendations. We then had a skype meeting, and took a few sketches and suggestions back to our architect. He reworked the plan into something we love and that even he said he likes more.”

-M. Hartwell and A. Daniel