You know how some women handle their demanding days on autopilot with no time or energy to realign to their real purpose?

I help them upgrade their energy by reconnecting to meaningful purpose, and then teach them easy ways to build and protect their energy.

Our hyper-connectivity can overwhelm us with all the important work to be done to improve our world for people, animals and our home planet for future generations. And yet being so busy it’s very hard to take the step back to consider our real talents and skills and how best to commit to our contribution. I believe we would all benefit by getting a bigger bang for our work buck through playing to our strengths. Individually and collectively.

The thing that keeps me sane and engaged these days is my conviction that if we each play to our strengths working for the cause that feels most meaningful to us we can move the needle on all the important work to be done.  I have to believe that or I swear my head will explode.

My Strengths are:

The Power of Purpose!

   Helping people realign to what they are truly good at and reconnect to the work that is most resonant for them. This is my calling; it brings me great joy and I am really good at it.


Energy Tools

  I have also learned several incredibly useful energy tools over the last 16 years. They all work with the idea that we are affected by unseen energies around us, that we can align and influence for our benefit. I love identifying what will be most helpful to each unique client.

  •  Feng Shui This is the study of the invisible influence that certain design details exert in our homes. There are also very deep methods to increase your energy and remain more balanced and flexible no matter what life throws at you.
  • Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ which are easy to learn and use tools for protection, laser focus and transformation. CCT is all built on the idea that if you set the energy first the form will follow. It’s time for energy upgrades for people, not just our computers.