Are You On Purpose?

Let me reconnect you to your unique strengths and interests.

  Each of us is born with an individual set of strengths, talents and gifts. Playing to your strengths helps you get more done in an easier workday.  This leaves you more energy for friends, family and fun. Life is much richer when you bring your unique light forward. This does not need to be some grand undertaking, though it may be. It just has to be truly and uniquely yours. And when you find it and begin to move toward, and with it, your life takes on greater satisfaction and ease.

Some of us know our path as soon as we can speak, but most of us never really think about it, and just take the work we find. We don’t feel we have the luxury to hold out for something we will really enjoy, and aren’t sure what that would even be. In addition, we often don’t see our unique capacities because we think they are standard issue; that we’re nothing special.

It’s my gift to realign those who can’t yet identify and know where to put their considerable talents.  But we won’t stop there, because just knowing what your good at (your doing) needs to be linked to what you care about (your being), in order for you to really thrive both at work and life. 

Let’s Align You with the Power of Your Purpose:

  • Your unique skills…which you likely can’t see because they are so hard wired you think they’re standard issue; “if it’s easy for me, it’s easy for everyone.”
  • Your character, strengths, and core values– what motivates and moves you. This leads to a more gratifying focus for your talents.
  • If we all do what we’re good at, and address what matters most to us, we will have a greater collective impact. This is what’s moves me, and I’m really good at this.

If you, or someone you love, is struggling for clarity, I would love to help.

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“I’ve received assessments on my strengths and capabilities and gotten feedback in a myriad of forms over two decades from coaches and HR people who know and have worked with me for years.  Never have I gained such insightful feedback as I received from Lorna, whose insight and attentive listening has changed my perspective markedly and helped me figure out the root of what has been nagging at me professionally for more than 5 years. To say Lorna has perspective is to fully undersell her gift.  I can’t say enough about the power of Lorna’s insight in moving me forward to how I can tap into my abilities. I simply could not have made this progress without her – and at the same time, I can’t believe I couldn’t see what she did, because when she laid it out, it was so eminently clear. Lorna is amazing, powerful, and insightful.”  -Pam Baker, Journeous

“I felt so amped up from this. Lorna reaffirmed and validated things I knew, but was looking at in separate directions. Her enthusiasm and passion helped me get really clear.” -Rory Oleson