Our computer upgrades keep evolving and handling more and more complex information.  Meanwhile, we’re stuck sharing bio hacks on our Original Design, almost  unchanged since life on the African Veldt.  But we are now bombarded by our electronics and expected to process more information in a day than we would have experienced in a lifetime just 60 years ago.

It’s time to enhance your energy with an Energy Upgrade!

Crystalline Consciousness Technology has given me a real Energy Upgrade since I started using it daily. They are a modern set of protocols that centers around the relatively new recognition of the Crystalline Energy Field.  CCT offers us various easy, quick tools for access and mastery of aligning with the Crystalline Energy Field. The primary insight of CCT says once you first set the energy, the form can follow more easily. And the energy is set with protocols using the natural rhythms of transformation and sacred geometry; which nature uses as the building blocks of life.


Activate your Crystalline Energy System

Your first energy upgrade!

We are in the midst of the great transition, planetarily  from an Electromagnetically dependent life to a Crystalline Energy System.   Activate your own Crystalline Energy System so you don’t have to burn out your Electro Magnetic System for all your energetic protection.  Those born from 80’s on have already come in with this new operating system,  but it’s like an energy credit card that’s hasn’t been activated.   And those who arrived earlier can receive this CES when they receive the activation. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Maintain a higher vibration, which creates coherence, wellness, and energetic integrity.
    • Absorb and hold more information and energy with far less distortion, yes feels like a brain upgrade too.
    • Set the Energy first; so that your projects a completed with more ease and grace, in right timing and aligned effort. 

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Do you want daily energetic protection and  support?  And daily alignment within your  groups for right timing and better, clearer communication and alignment?  Learn to set up:

  • Daily Crystalline Fields  around yourself for protection and connection
  •  Daily Group Fields for coherence and alignment
  • A fast Transformative Self Healing protocol, which allows you to release old stuck issues and promote heath and vitality.

Are you a Creative seeking laser focus at will, while blocking out all the energetic noise of the world around you?

  • Do you want laser focus at will, while blocking out all the energetic noise around you?
  • Step into aligned creative flow in just a few minutes, whatever the focus. (I’ve even used it for my taxes.)
  • Express Your Purpose at will with this quick and powerful laser focus protocol.


Are you a Health Professional or Coach working with several people each day?This is a quick protocol to work smarter.  Create an aligned, coherent, deeper connection with your patients/clients for optimal effectiveness. 

  • Master techniques more quickly, and stay centered in the essence of your practice, and easily access your own innate wisdom. 
  • Work smarter inside of a Crystalline Energy Envelope, which enhances the delivery of your modalities and deepens the client’s experience.