Upgrade your Energy!

Personal Level 1 & 2 –Transformative Self Healing

It is time to activate and develop your Crystalline Energy System, and give yourself an Energy Upgrade! This supports your Electro Magnetic Field so it can focus on protecting your body which was it’s original purpose. We now live surrounded by the psychic energy of so many others, as well as the overwhelming fields of all our tech, it has been wearing out our Electro Magnetic Field.  The Crystalline System helps you to absorb and hold more information and energy with far less distortion, and can support you in managing the noise that surrounds us.

Who it’s for:

  • Do you have difficulty when you’re in groups?
  • Do you notice environmental sensitivities or electromagnetic effects?
  • Do you experience chronic conditions, illnesses or overwhelm?
  • Do you find it difficult to feel like you fit in or belong?
  • Do you want better easier feelings of connection within your groups

The Benefits:

Activate your Crystalline Energy System.

  • If you were born after 1980 you already have yours, but it’s like having been given an energy credit card that has not been  activated.
  • It supports your Electro Magnetic System from the overwhelm of our tech lives, so that it can concentrate on it’s original mission to protect your body from the Sun’s radiation etc.
  • Once your Energy Body learns to rely on your Crystalline System, you easily maintain a higher energy vibration, which supports coherence, and wellness.
  • Helps you absorb and hold more information and energy with far less distortion; feels like an energy upgrade.

Learn to Set up Crystalline Energy Fields Daily for Protection and Connection.

  • These take less than 5 minutes to set up in the morning
  • Your Individual Crystalline Field protects and supports you from your exposure to other people’s energy, and the deluge of media and tech.
  • Your Group Crystalline Energy Field, supports alignment in your groups for right timing, coherence, and better, clearer communication.
  • Learn to maintain your own energetic integrity to release entanglements and avoid the effects from those who don’t manage their energy well.

Learn a Transformational Self-Healing Practice

  • This protocol allows you to release old stuck issues and promote health and vitality.

    The Outcomes:

    • Activate and develop your Crystalline Energy System.
    • Order and organize far more information and energy without negatively affecting other systems such as your Central Nervous System or your overburdened Electro Magnetic System.
    • Learn how to set up your Individual and Crystalline Group Energy Fields to create how you want to experience your day.
    • Learn a Transformative Self Healing practice so you can clear stuck energy and issues bringing you more fully present, with better health and vitality.

    The Details:

    • Learn in a weekend with 2 webinars each day with breaks for lunch and integration.
    • Several Energy Activations and Guides Meditations delivered over the week before the Class for energetic preparation.


    • There are no prerequisites to this course.