You can’t clean what’s unseen, but I can.

Unfortunately, in many cases, our spaces are invisibly impacting us at an energetic level.

Time for a Truly Clean Slate!


Are you starting a new chapter in a new place?  Congratulations!


Of course you’ll make it squeaky clean, but what about the invisible mess left behind by the people before you?

#1: Stuck, Dirty Energy –You can see and clean physical dirt, but there is also energetic residue.

What if previous people in your space left behind an energetic imprint of emotional trauma or disturbance? Had to divorce? Or move after loss of a job? All those emotions can invisibly affect and negatively influence you and your experience in that same space.


#2: Certain design details negatively affect our energy, even to the point of illness.

This can affect the outcomes you’ll have in your space no matter how strong your intentions. Some of this is just good design sense, but it goes far beyond that. Most people don’t recognize the issues, much less how to resolve them easily.

Feng Shui is the study of these negative invisible influences.

There are Feng Shui Ceremonies to clear your space of negative energy, and set up an energetic protective field going forward.  Whether you are clearing a previous owners imprint, or the energy of a teardown, or blessing your land so construction goes smoothly.

Then I look at your floor plan to identify any difficult design details that may negatively impact you either psychologically, physically through illness, or your finances. These are details like, the placement of and relationship between, your bathrooms, stove, stairs, doorways, hallways, and beams to name a few.

I believe your home can reinforce and support your intentions for your life.

Feng Shui is the study of the subtle negative effects your surroundings can have on you. Once these invisible drains are identified and adjusted your spaces support you. When your environments support you your energy is enhanced and easier to maintain.


Your House Should Have Your Back!

You have already spent time, money and effort to start this new chapter, what better time to make sure that it does?

How your space can have your back:


Live near Portland OR?

I can come to your home to clear your space, and then make key recommendations to resolve any difficult aspects of your home’s design.

Outside my local reach?

Never fear! I have many clients throughout the country. Smartphone pics and videos allow me to visit virtually, and make recommendations. We connect via Skype, and I can also see clients while traveling. 

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