I have a superpower.

I can see the invisible.

I had an early strange encounter with an energy worker who told me I didn’t hold energy; that I was more of a sieve than a vessel.  I didn’t know what she was talking about and began to study various esoteric traditions to understand how different cultures understood energy. Eventually, while working at an Acupuncture School. I started learning Chinese Medical Theory that led me to the study of Feng Shui. I spent 8 years following Professor Lin Yun until his passing. Through the unique lens of Feng Shui, I can look at your house and pinpoint and resolve how the unseen in your space is draining your energy.

Our homes have energy leaks designed right into them that can make it hard to hang on the money, find or maintain joy in your love life, or damage family harmony. Once these are identified and adjusted, people notice that life improves.

Most of this work is completely invisible to the vast majority of people. I have many transformational tools, and I like to work from the outside in.

I tend to start with Feng Shui. For nearly 20 years I have been identifying and adjusting these invisible influences, making homes support and nourish my clients. Imagine your home feeling like it has your back, so you can rest and recharge, and more easily be your best.  Once we’ve got your home aligned, there are


CCT (Crystalline Consciousness Technique) protocols that I teach so that you can:

  •   Protect your energy from our overwhelming world
  •   Better align and feel coherence within your groups
  •   Create an energetic cone of silence so that you can more readily focus your creativity.


Power of Purpose. In our overloaded days, we get further away from creating any real meaning in our lives. I have a knack for helping people gain clarity about their strengths and values. Using a few inexpensive national tests, I can interpret the results in a way that helps people see their unique nature, and find a way to make an authentic, aligned contribution.


I have lived from the East Coast to Hawaii and now Portland OR where I work long distance, virtually, allowing me to be both affordable and effective. I love to teach and have spoken on Feng Shui at New England School of Acupuncture, Simmons College and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute among others. I consult, speak and teach webinars on it all, and it would be my pleasure to support you.

“Lorna is WONDERFUL. Illuminating, clarifying and amazingly helpful.” P. B.

“Lorna blew my mind; she is a gifted practitioner and energetic healer. The breadth of her techniques and the optimization of the people and spaces she touches spans a broad spectrum…. I cannot recommend her highly enough… Lorna customizes the tools applied based upon the goals you have.  The “load lightened” I’ve achieved because of Lorna’s contribution over this past year is truly remarkable…” L.S.

“Lorna’s work was very very confirming for me on several levels. It was enormously, amazingly confirming of the shadow path.”   B. M.