After 25 years of work, my skills are diverse & all focused on energy. Everyone wants more. The difference between exhaustion and engagement is how well we enhance our energy.

My joy in life is empowering others. Whether it’s realignment with the Power of Purpose through showing you how to play to the strengths of your skills and talents in the realm of your values. This gives you deep insight about what you really want to be doing. Aligning with your bigger picture really ups your energy.

I support those who are already on purpose with tools to shift and enhance your energy. I help you change from the outside since I’ve spent over 15 years diving deep into Feng Shui. I pinpoint and resolve invisible factors that drain your energy at home and offer effective practices to adjust and refine your unique energy signature.

I also teach tools to shift and enhance your energy from the inside using Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, which are easy to learn, easy to use protocols. It’s like a personal energy upgrade; leaving you protected, with better connections and deeper focus.

It’s time to live on purpose. My purpose is to help you find yours, and then help you align with invisible energies so that you are far more effective and efficient in your contribution. Such makes for a happy and fulfilling life.


I have lived from the East Coast to Hawaii and now Portland OR where I work long distance, virtually, allowing me to be both affordable and effective. I love to teach and have spoken on Feng Shui at New England School of Acupuncture, Simmons College and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute among others. I consult, speak and teach webinars on it all, and it would be my pleasure to support you.

“Lorna is WONDERFUL. Illuminating, clarifying and amazingly helpful.” P. B.

“Lorna blew my mind; she is a gifted practitioner and energetic healer. The breadth of her techniques and the optimization of the people and spaces she touches spans a broad spectrum…. I cannot recommend her highly enough… Lorna customizes the tools applied based upon the goals you have.  The “load lightened” I’ve achieved because of Lorna’s contribution over this past year is truly remarkable…”

“Lorna’s work was very very confirming for me on several levels. It was enormously, amazingly confirming of the shadow path.”   B. M.