You found your home in Portland!

Of course you will have it cleaned, but what about the unseen influences?

Our spaces can negatively impact us. And you can’t fix what’s unseen, but I can.

  •    Energetic Residue  –You can see and solve physical dirt, but there is dirty energy. What if previous people in your space left behind an energetic imprint of emotional trauma or disturbance? That vibration can invisibly affect and negatively influence you and your experience in that same space.
  •   Certain design details negatively affect our energy, even to the point of illness. Some of this is just good design sense, but it goes far beyond that. Most people don’t recognize the issues hiding in doorways, beams, room placements to name a few, much less how to correct them in a way that fits with your taste.


I’ve been resolving negative invisible influences using Feng Shui for over 20 years.

  • I am available to come to your house to perform Feng Shui Ceremonies. Each home is different, but I usually begin by clearing your space of negative energy.  I then set up the energetic protective field for you going forward.
  • I also look at your floor plan to identify and correct any difficult design details that may negatively impact you and your family. These can be financially draining, psychologically damaging, or physically uncomfortable even to the point of illness.
  • I can simultaneously make certain that all your furniture is placed to ensure comfort and support.  Here are some of the (unconscious) symptoms you can experience from poor placement: 



    • An inability to see both opportunity and trouble coming
    • A narrow point of view 

    • An old and outdated perspective 
and self-image
    • A lack of control in the world 

Your House Can Have Your Back!

You’re starting a new chapter, make it one where your place supports you. 

 Let me help you hit the ground running.  


“I have just been feeling so crazy excited — I’ve had such a great feeling since you did the Feng Shui ceremonies in our home.  I am wondering if anyone else has had that kind of response to your work?“ A.G.

“I was shocked and blown away by the effectiveness of Lorna’s Feng Shui services. She was able to see beyond my direct request for help, and understand the deeper underlying imbalances in my home. This resulted in Feng Shui remedies that have had a much more profound impact than I could have imagined… I have seen dramatic changes in my sense of safety and tranquility in the home as well as in my health. I feel like the house supports me, supports my business and supports my health. It was money that was extremely well spent.”  D K S.