Upgrade Your Energy with

Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™

Our computer upgrades keep evolving and handling more and more complex information while we are stuck sharing bio hacks for our Original Design, that has little changed since life on the African Veldt.

Our technologic advances have us living in huge cities seeing more people, and processing more information in a day than we would have experienced in a lifetime just 60 years ago.

It’s time to enhance your energy with an Energy Upgrade!

Activate your Crystalline Energy System. It’s simple to learn and use these powerful daily protocols. And here are some of the benefits:

  • Maintain a higher vibration, which creates coherence, wellness, and unity.
  • Absorb and hold more information and energy with far less distortion.
  • Daily energetic support by setting up a Crystalline Field around yourself.
  • Daily alignment in your groups for right timing and better, clearer communication.
  • Place yourself in an energetic cone-of-silence for laser focus  for work and or creativity.
  • Set the Energy first; so that your projects a completed with more ease and grace, in right timing and aligned effort.

Choose the Course that’s right for you…

You are so ready for your own Energy Upgrade! Activate your own Crystalline Energy System so you don’t have to rely on your Electro Magnetic System for all your energetic protection.

  • Activate Your Crystalline System
  • Learn to Setup your Daily Fields for Protection and
  • Learn to Setup your Daily Group Fields for coherence and alignment


You are a Creative seeking laser focus at will, while blocking out all the energetic noise of the world around you!

  • Step into aligned creative flow in just a few minutes.
  • Focus your creative voice while blocking out the energetic noise around you.
  • Express your Creative Purpose at will with this laser focus protocol.


You’re a Health Professional or Coach working with several people each day. You’ll want the Healer’s Edge: a quick simple protocol to create a Crystalline Energy Envelope to help you work smarter within an aligned, coherent, deeper connection for optimal effectiveness.

  • Learn to Setup your Daily Fields for Protection and Coherent Groups.
  • Promotes sensory integration and lessens hypersensitivity.
  • Get the Healer’s Edge: work smarter inside of a Crystalline Energy Envelope, which enhances your modalities effectiveness.